A deeper look into my world
of travel, design and inspiration.

  1. Invisible Blue Bar

    One of my favourite pieces of joinery that I designed last year was in our Mount St project. This was our ‘invisible’ blue bar, a wall of powder blue with brass trimming and mirrored shelves. This piece blends perfectly into the style of the room yet the impeccable craftsmanship stands out beautifully. When the lights dim and the client is ready for a drink the walls open up to reveal a fully-functioning wet bar with integrated TV.



  2. Sourcing in the sun

    One of my favourite places to travel to is The Bahamas. This country in the Caribbean is made up of over 700 islands, each with its own outstanding beauty. I’m always inspired by the energy of the Bahamians and also the endless use of gorgeous pastel colours on the buildings, which mirrors the landscape.

    If I am given a colourful brief I enjoy incorporating this fun approach to colour-use, creating a really individual space.

    A big part of design and certainly finishing touches, are fantastic accessories. When I travel, I am always on the look out and one of my favourite stores in Nassau, is The Island Store by Lyford Cay. This shop is a treasure trove of fashion accessories, homes accessories, artworks… really anything you need to get into beach house mode.





  3. My top tips for entertaining

    Even if you aren’t the best cook in the world with the right table setting, lighting and unique touches your dinner party will be memorable. Of course, good company helps but I can’t advise you on your guests I am afraid…

    I always opt for a soft light that compliments my guests and also allows the candle light to be more impactful. To get that beautiful glow and bring some fun colour to the table I use Angela Wickstead’s candles that come in an array of beautiful colours.




    To keep cost down and longevity, invest in some fake flowers from Oka or Fake Landscapes and add a few real flowers to bring it all to life.

    My individual touch to the table is usually something I have found on my travels; my latest being gold leaves that I have been using as bread plates, they inject so much fun to the table. These will be available to buy at our pop-up shop in March.